How would you like to partner with us? 

Donations are primarily run out of Los Angeles. Contact us for a drop-off location or information on how to ship from afar. 

We give donations to the places that are most in need. If there's an organization you think would benefit, let us reach out on your behalf. If you want Fully Equipped in your neighborhood, get in touch for more details.

Complete uniforms — jerseys, shorts, socks, etc. — are ideal, so kids can pick up and play, but we also accept lightly used goods such as:

  • Jerseys

  • Shorts

  • Cleats & Shoes

  • Pads & Helmets

  • Gloves

  • Bats / Sticks / Rackets

  • Balls

  • Practice Jerseys (Pennies)

  • Etc.

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