We are located in a low income community where resources are scarce and families are always in need. Your support has helped make it possible for the club to provide quality sports programs to underprivileged youth in a safe and positive environment. We strive to develop life skills for kids through our programs. These programs help them set career goals, plan to succeed in education, their careers and to help guide them for a successful lifetime.


Brothers (1).jpg

I felt like a real player in a stadium, I got some cleats and uniform.

— Hugo
8 years old


Awesome! I get to play with my brothers, now that I have cleats.

— Luis B.
9 years old


These kids are the next generation of thinkers and leaders, and through sports they now have access to who they can be in the world. The positive environmental impact of repurposing clothes is a wonderful bonus.  

— Alissa S.


Great to have someone think about us.

— Luis
11 years old 


Sports brings people together, but it is hard to build a team without the proper equipment and uniforms. Fully Equipped is helping bridge the gap to those kids and communities that need it the most.

— George B. 


I am so happy, this is awesome!

— Edgar G.
12 years old


This is an amazing donation; many club members are unable to afford game gloves, let alone a whole uniform! Thank you!

— Angelic H.
Boys & Girls Club Staff Member


It is so wonderful to see not only parents, but their young children, giving back to those less fortunate and in need. What a noble cause to support.

— Mike B.